Writer of Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Horror and Comedy

Tales of the Aynir

At the edge of the universe there is a place where super science meets high magic, where gods entwine with star faring mortals and fairies wander ring worlds and colonize planets. This is a place where all things are possible, where our world meets countless others, in a galaxy known as the Aynir.

The Wanderer

The Wanderer is the adventures of a man named Paul as he takes his starship, the Nomad, across the Aynir Galaxy and has adventures of all sorts. Things of great wonder, horror, magic, science, comedy and insanity await him as he journeys forth.

The Sky Invader

Elliot Andrews wanders into the town of Redville for no apparent reason. An orphan, not even born naturally but a clone, with no connection to anyone living or dead but with a rather unexpected master level skill in magic that makes him first technomancer in at least five hundred years.

Where does he come from, why is here, and who is he really?

No one knows but he becomes an instant tour-de-force as he uses his powers for himself and for others in a manner of kindness that makes him friends and enemies alike, high and low, who help and hinder him as he moves toward his secret quest.

His mission into the forest, to the hill in its center, and to the door no one speaks of or goes anywhere near to.

And to what is beyond.

Coming Soon (when I find a publisher)

First Chapter