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Tales of Talayne

Though not quite here yet here is the beginning webpage for the Tales of Talayne. A series of tales involving many strange and differect characters as they wander the reaches of the Talayne Solar System full of magic, science-fiction and, yes, a giant space walrus with a world on its back that has absolutely no connection at all to a late famous comedic writer.

Daughter of Doran

Alan Veyd has just returned from his own personal hell in a pocket dimension containing his spirit. Bodiless, trapped, he is on the verge of going insane until a visitor comes in the form of a young girl who, without a spirit or soul, soon sucks him into her body and life and propells back onto the walrus world of Corvo to finish what he started thirteen years before and break the curse of Doran forever. Tales of comedy, magic, machinery of a sci-fi nature and all around shannanigans.

Warning: this is a story I very much believe in and is a lot of fun but I am not editing quite it as much as the others for reasons of time constraints. Mistakes may be made here and there but they'll be corrected before I ever try and publish these. Storyline expansions and alterations will also be probably be implemented in that later published edition.


Mama's Brand New Bag

The Pink Wedding

Burt Manne's Destroyer


The Destroyer of Doran

Crossing the Gap

Trap in the Corn Forest

Welcome to the Splatter House

The Dungeon Lord

The White Pillar

An Old Friend



Little Lady Toreador

Tightening the Vice

A Woodland Dance