Writer of Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Horror and Comedy

Oro County Chronicles

Clan of Midnight

The immortal races are revealed, the world has changed, and after twenty five years of living in secret after a faked death, the immortal magician David Zane returns home to the life he had been forced to leave behind armed only with a United States citizenship, a government issued home and an eagerness to get back to a normal life. His plans are soon complicated, however, when a newspaper reveals his identity and immortal race to the community at large.

Suddenly, Zane finds himself pulled into a police investigation to help with a series of murders by magic of several teenage girls. Utilizing his streetwise skills earned as a mercenary in the underworld he quickly discovers that there is not one killer but many killers, a murderous cult bent on a great demonic ritual whose members secretly span every corner of his home county. In the process of coming to such knowledge Zane finds himself in a violent game of cat and mouse that inevitably places him, as the only magician the police can use or even contact, as the only thing standing between the innocent victims and the Clan of Midnight.

Was previously available at Kellan Publishing but the copyright has lapsed. A new publisher will be found soon.


First Chapter



The Awakening of Samantha Stein

A story set in the same world as Clan of Midnight taking place years earlier in a collection of Halloween related stories. While David Zane is still mortal, the Floodgate not yet opened, and the world is still in the shadow of the immortals a near elderly woman finds herself in Colorado.

In the year 1983 Samantha Stein follows the persistent dreams that have haunted her for a half a century to a farm in Colorado seeking out the daughter she never had but always wanted who she believes is imprisoned there by some kind of monster. Understanding that, she goes armed, and step by step works her way down through the farm, into a hill, and into the dark to where the girl is and in doing so learns more about the girl, the monster, the world she was born into and herself to a far great degree than she could have ever imagined.

Was previously available at Kellan Publishing but the copyright has lapsed. A new publisher will be found soon.