Works of Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Horror and Comedy

About Richard Phillip Hoffman

As you no doubt know by now I am Richard Phillip Hoffman and I, like many people, always have craved a reprieve from the everyday humdrum of real life. For as long as I can remember I have been in love with writing. Movies, video games and other things I love always fell short for me. In a novel ANYTHING can happen and I've been especially interested n the fantastic and outer worldly elements of fantasy, science-fiction and sometimes horror..

Now believe it or not I’m not just some dingbat with a keyboard who taught himself how to build a website. I’m a dingbat with a keyboard with a bachelor’s degree of English with Creating Writing Emphasis from an ex-mental asylum known today as the California State University of Channel Islands who taught himself how to build a website and so I know what I’m talking about. I’m not making that asylum part up either. Hotel California was a hell of place to refine my art and now that I’ve graduated it’s time to show the world what I can do and help a few people like you get a well-earned vacation from Earth for a while.

In addition to writing for a long time I’ve been an editor for two college magazines, am in the process of publishing a book series online, writing an on-line series, and finished my first full novel which is available for purchase at Kellan Publishing even as we speak and, just in case your wondering, I'm the one with the sunglasses.