Writer of Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Horror and Comedy

The Wanderer

Paul, a man manufactured from the sperm and egg of two strangers to work in the mines under Dalvor Moon, finally earns his freedom. He gets himself a starship and begins his exploration of the Aynir Galaxy.

Life in the galaxy is complex and varied. Horrors of science and magic alike await him. Out there in the galaxy, one can never truly predict what one might, or might not, find awaiting them.

(This is a series of stories I’m using to expand the Aynir Galaxy beyond "The Sky Invader," which obviously takes place in the same universe. My intention is to submit many stories in this world, often with Paul as its protagonist, to various magazines but others that aren’t really magazine material will pop periodically on the website. Any story that I get published, I’ll put a link to the magazine it’s in)

(Eventually, I’ll publish all of them together in a novel called "The Wanderer.")


Dead on Arrival