Works of Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Horror and Comedy


Richard Phillip Hoffman is a writer devoted to the writing art of fantasy, science-fiction, horror and in the near future, some comedic and satirical writing as well. Located on this website you will find many of the tools necessary to escape from hateful, hateful reality.

Clan of Midnight

Published by Kellan Publishing and can be purchased in their bookstore as well Amazon, Barnes and Noble and various in both physical and digital formats.

The Awakening of Samantha Stein

A companion tale to Clan of Midnight published at Kellan Publishing Bookstore at Kellan Publishing as the second story in its Tales of Terror collection.

Dark Knight of Connecticut

A series of stories here that are the adventures of a magician in modern Connecticut trying to reconnect to his family in Connecticut to find himself trapped deep into the heart of of a mystery that envelopes his life and leads him back into past lives Tudor England and the American Civil War.

Tales of Talayne

A series of stories here taking place in a solar system known as Talayne full of magic, science-fiction, dragons, magicians and even a giant walrus with a kingdom on it's back. Coming eventually.

Daughter of Doran

A series of comedic adventure stories taking place on Talayne's own flying walrus found on the Talayne webpage here or just jump to it right here. Warning: this is a story I very much believe in and is a lot of fun but I am not editing it quite as much as the others for reasons of time constraints. Mistakes may be made here and there but they'll be corrected before I ever try and publish them. Storyline expansions and alterations will also be probably be implemented in that later publishededition.

The Two Travelers

The Two Travelers is an ongoing series of novels featuring the adventures of two lovers, both teenage children of a future military industrial complex separated for a thousand years, and forced then to travel through nations spawned from the destruction of the United States meeting people and creatures strange, horrific and wondrous, desperately clinging to the hope of reuniting.

The prelude is free and will be available for free and downloadable on Amazon, Smashwords and other sites in the future. A prievew in the form of the first chapter of Episode 1 and Episode 2 can be found here or individual.